Overseas Recruitment Solutions

As Man Power Agent, we see to our customers’ overseas personnel needs from a single center, utilizing our experience in subjects of global mobility and international selection and placement.

Miorec provides support for domestic and foreign, medium and high-level personnel needs of the customers we are consulting with abroad projects, investments, organizations and/or restructuring.

By understanding the needs and expectations of our customers in the overseas selection and placement process, by providing up-to-date information about the wage levels, social security status, regional and sectoral issues in the relevant country, the preliminary evaluation and research results, the selection and placement process, we aim to find candidates who meet the general qualifications sought, as well as matching our customers with professionals who will carry out works in line with their vision and goals in the relevant country.

Selection and Placement Stages

  • Determining the countries and staff needed,
  • Making the necessary preliminary research on the wage, level and living standards of the relevant country
  • Candidate research and interview
  • Submission of suitable candidates
  • Placement of candidates

We work in the field of overseas job placement with the right information and guidance, with a team of consultants who have the necessary knowledge of the international job market and international communication networks.

As Miorec, we are able to support infrastructure organizations for the employment process, such as the establishment of a company or branch, related to their operations in the relevant country during the overseas recruitment solution process.

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