Work Permit Application

In order for foreigners to work in Turkey, a “work permit” must be obtained.

Provisions on foreign personnel work permits have been determined within the framework of the law and applications no. 6735.

Work Permits are issued by the General Directorate of International Labour under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security by evaluating the foreigners’ purpose of coming to Turkey, their nationality, the information of the foreigner registered in the Turkish database, according to bilateral agreements.

Work Permit applications are made by the employer. As Miorec, we produce special solutions for you with our expert team in all of the processes.

The application is made by the employer in Turkey who meets the following criteria:

  • There are 5 (five) Turkish employees for each foreign employee,
  • The paid-up capital of the operating company is at least 100.000 TL or,
  • Its annual turnover is at least 800.000 TL or,
  • Its annual export should be at least 250.000 USD.

Permit to Work Evaluation Criteria are fully available below.

The conditions such as the wage to be granted to the foreign personnel being eligible for the work to be performed etc. are examined by the Ministry.

Miorec examines the documents of the employer and the foreigner before the application, evaluates them and informs them about the eligibility of the application. Positive or negative possibilities that may occur after the evaluation are discussed mutually and applications are made.

The first application is made as 1 year. In the following years, 2 and 3-year extensions can be made if they continue in the same employer. Permission is granted as 1 year when the employer is changed or in transfer applications.


How to apply?

There are 2 types of methods for obtaining Work Permit:


1. Application for Work Permit from Abroad – Application for Work Visa

Applications of foreigners who do not have a valid residence permit for at least 6 months in Turkey are made through Turkish representatives abroad.

Application for Working Visa

(Turkish Consulates)

Foreigners who do not have a residence permit valid for at least 6 months in Turkey make their applications from the Turkish consulates in their own country or the country where they reside. Even if you enter the country with other visa types in the process until this process, legal work cannot be done.

Application for Work Permit

(Ministry of Labour)

With the reference number given in the application made by the foreigners to the Turkish Consulate, the work permit application is made by Miorec to the Ministry of Labor within the legal period. Approval time is approximately 4 weeks.

Processing of Working Visa into Passport

(Turkish Consulates)

After the work permit is approved, it is obligatory for the foreigner to apply to the consulate for the work visa application within 30 days, deposit the legal fees and run the work visa in their passport.

Insurance of the Foreigner and Address Registration

It is a legal obligation to make the insurance entry of the foreigner immediately after the work permit approval (following the foreigner’s entry to Turkey for overseas applications) and to register their address at the relevant Civil Registration Directorate within 20 days.

The permit application is made to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security with the “reference number” obtained from the Turkish Representations abroad.

The foreigner applies for a “working visa” with the file sent to him by Miorec on the day and time of the visa appointment made on his behalf. Application for a “work permit” with the reference number to be granted by the Consulate shall be made to the Ministry. The entire process is executed by Miorec.


2. Applications for Domestic Permit to Work

Foreigners who have a valid residence permit for at least 6 months in Turkey (except for residence permits granted for educational purposes) can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor. Foreigners in this case do not need to apply for a “work visa”.

Application for Work Permit

Applications of foreigners who have a valid residence permit for at least 6 months in Turkey are made directly to the Ministry of Labor. Work Permit application can not be made with residence permits for educational purposes except for graduate and doctorate students.

Approval of Application

For the applications evaluated positively by the Ministry, 1 year Work Permit fee and Work Permit card fee are requested to be deposited. Work Permit is approved upon the payment of the relevant Fees.

Insurance Entry

After the approval of the Work Permit, the insurance entry of the employee is made immediately through the SSI Registration number specified in the work permit application and the salary-position information specified in the Employment Contract.

Address Record

If the address registration process has not been performed in the residence permit application of the foreign personnel, it is necessary to register the address through the relevant Directorate of Migration Administration.

Foreigner’s insurance and address registration

After the approval of the work permit (following the entry of the foreigner to Turkey in foreign applications), it is a legal obligation to make the insurance entry of the foreigner immediately and to register an address at the relevant Civil Registry Office within 20 days.

Residence Permit Application

As Man Power Agent, we offer you consultancy services in residence permit applications with our experienced team.

Families of foreigners who have Work Permit need to obtain a Residence Permit to stay in Turkey for a long time.

Provisions on the International Labor Law No. 6458 and related regulations and residence permit processes have been determined.

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of Immigration Management are the authorized institutions in the applications for Residence Permit.

An online residence permit application should be made to the General Directorate of Immigration Management within the visa or visa exemption period of foreigners. At the date and time of the appointment, the foreigner must apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management to which his/her address is affiliated. The Migration Administration Directorates for the application can only be joined by the Attorney as a foreign and legal attorney.


Entry of the Foreigner to Turkey

Foreigners enter Turkey with visa or visa exemption in accordance with their purpose.

Depending on their nationality, they can stay in Turkey for 30-60 days or a maximum of 90 days.


Online Application

After proper entry to Turkey, foreigners may apply for Family, Tourist or Student residence in accordance with its purpose. The application is made primarily through the Immigration Administration online system. The date and time of application is then determined by the Migration Administration.


Application Process

Applicants and their legal representatives, if any, must be present in the application at the appointment date and time designated by the Immigration Administration. Following the positive evaluation of the application, the applicants shall be issued a temporary residence certificate.


Evaluation of Application

Applications are usually evaluated at the time of the appointment and the applicant is informed of positive or negative results. However, the Results can be reported later.


Post- Application

The residence permit cards of the foreigners whose application is evaluated positively are sent by the Immigration Administration to the home address specified in the application within 2 weeks at the latest. Foreigners are required to register their addresses through the Directorate of Migration Management after receiving their residence permit cards.


  1. Until the application is approved, the foreigner is granted an application document that allows him/her to stay abroad for a maximum of 15 days. Keep the application document and the receipt of the fee with you when you check out.
  2. Reasons for cancellation of Residence Permit:
  • Determining that the residence permit is used for purposes other than the purpose for which it was issued,
  • If the foreigner has stayed abroad for more than 120 (one hundred and twenty) days in the last year,
  • In the event of deportation or a ban on entry to Turkey, the residence permit shall be revoked. The period of those whose term expires shall not be extended.

Assembly Visa Application

As Man Power Agent, you will find below a detailed information about “Application for Assembly Visa”, which is one of our expertises.

An assembly visa is a special type of visa applied for through the Turkish Consulates, which must be prepared thoroughly.

It is a short-term work visa that entitles the right to work up to 90 days in 1 year in line with the following purposes.

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a study on whether the work to be performed in Turkey falls within the scope of the assembly visa of the project. In addition, the duration of the project is very important as the assembly visa is limited to 90 days. A Working visa for a long-term project is a more accurate type of application.

If the scope and duration of the project are compatible with the assembly visa, the preparation of the application file is started. In this context, the necessary information and documents are collected and the online visa application is completed and a visa appointment is made according to the suitability of the applicant.

The application file prepared meticulously by the Miorec team is delivered to the applicant and information is provided in relation to the application.

Foreign personnel are requested to be present in the assembly visa application. After the positive evaluation of the application, the applicant receives the processed passport of the assembly visa within 1 week at the latest or it is sent to the address by the consulate.

1. Does the Assembly Visa Recognize the Right to Legal Work?

Article 55 of the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners No. 4817 titled “Exemptions”Implementing Regulation sets forth the scope of Assembly visa in sub-paragraph C.

In accordance with this article, foreign personnel also come to Turkey with assembly visa in order to work up to 90 days in 1 year for assembly, maintenance, repair and training purposes. In accordance with the application regulation of the relevant law and the application principles of the Consulate, the applications for Assembly Visa are evaluated by our Consulate to which the foreigner’s address is affiliated.

Article 55/C of the Law No. 4817:

For the purpose of assembling, maintaining and repairing the machinery and equipment imported to Turkey, providing training on its use or receiving the equipment or repairing the vehicles that fail in Turkey; (Amended expression: RG-22/1/2015-29244) provided that they do not exceed a total of three months from the date of entry to Turkey and that they prove this case with the documents they will submit,

2. What are the social security obligations for foreign personnel?

The law numbered 5510 on the fact that foreign personnel working with assembly visa do not need to be insured is attached.

Related article of the Law is stated below.

Pursuant to subparagraph (e) of Article 6 of the Law No. 5510 with the Law No. 6552;

In accordance with the “Subparagraph (e) of Article 6 of Law No. 5510 was amended by Law No. 6552, which entered into force on 11.09.2014, and according to this amendment, the Law entered into force on 11.09.2014. 2014, without prejudice to the provisions of international social security agreements; persons who are sent to Turkey for a job not exceeding three months by any organization established in a foreign country and on behalf and account of that organization and who document that they are subject to social insurance in the foreign country and those who reside abroad and are subject to the social security legislation of that country among those who work independently on their own behalf and account in Turkey will not be considered insured.

Those who are insured or retired in countries where no social security contract has been signed and who come to work in our country for a maximum period of three months shall not be deemed to be insured in accordance with the prevailing provision of this regulation made with the Law No. 6552, to be valid as of 11.09.2014. Insured persons who come to work for more than three months  shall be deemed to be insured as of the day following the expiration of the third month in which they started to work. “

3. Must Health Insurance be provided for Foreign Personnel?

Foreign personnel are requested to provide an internationally valid health insurance covering the period of their assembly visa and their employment in Turkey through our Consulates. This international health insurance covers health problems or work accidents that may occur during work, stay or travel in Turkey.

4. Is an additional application (application to the Immigration Administration or the Police Department) required for foreign personnel in Turkey?

With the International Labor Law numbered 6458 published on 04.04.2013, all authority in relation to the residence permit applications and procedures of foreigners was obtained from the Police Department Foreigners Branch and entrusted to the General Directorate of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior. After the implementation of the law was clarified, the Directorate General of Migration Management became the sole authorized institution for foreigners’ residence permit procedures. It is specified in the relevant law.

In addition, in the following article of the same law, it is stated that no residence permit application can be made for foreign personnel who come to work in Turkey with 90-day assembly visa and they are exempted from residence permit.

LAW ON FOREIGNERS and INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION dated 4.4.2013 and numbered “6458”

Residence permit

ARTICLE 19 – (1) Foreigners who will stay in Turkey for longer than the period granted by a visa or visa exemption or for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit. The residence permit expires if it is not used within six months.

Exemption from residence permit

ARTICLE 20- (1) The following foreigners shall be exempted from residence permit:

a) Those who come with or without a visa for up to ninety days, foreigners who come during the visa period or visa exemption are exempt from residence permit. 

You can get professional consultancy support from Miorec for assembly visa applications.

Turkish Citizenship Application

The legislation on the conditions of transition to Turkish Citizenship is determined by Law No. 5901 and Implementing Regulation No. 5627.

There are 2 types of application methods related to the application for Turkish citizenship:

1. Application for Citizenship depending on your stay in Turkey:

If a work permit is obtained in Turkey for 5 years or more, there is a right to apply for citizenship.

Foreigners who stay in Turkey for 5 years or more with a work permit cannot become citizens directly.

They are only entitled to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Citizenship procedures take between 2 – 2.5 years depending on the busy schedule of the Population and Citizenship Directorate.

First of all, it will be calculated how many years you have had a work permit in Turkey and how many years you have stayed abroad.

If you have stayed abroad for more than 1 year in the last 5 years, you are not entitled to apply.

Completion period of this process is maximum 4 months.

After the application, Fingerprints and Appointments for the interview will be taken from the Foreigners Branch Directorate.

The appointment system allows a maximum of 4 months to pass.

After the fingerprinting process, the Foreigners Branch Directorate informs the Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs by issuing a report about you.

This process takes a maximum of 8 to 10 months.

After the report reaches the Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, an appointment will be made for the final stage, the Commission interview.

The appointment system will allow a maximum of 1 month later.

Commission interview is the last stage related to citizenship procedures and it will be determined whether you will gain citizenship or not within maximum 8-10 months.

The reason for the long duration of the procedures is due to the request of many people to become Turkish citizens and the pandemic.

We do not have any authority to expedite transactions.

Important: Whether or not Turkish citizenship will be granted after the application is made depends entirely on the decision of the Ministry of Interior.

No commitment is made by us

NOTE 1: If the foreign personnel and you have a finalized or pending lawsuit or similar approved penalty in any country in Turkey or abroad, there is a possibility that your application may result in a negative outcome. If this is the case, we kindly request you to inform us.

NOTE 2: The Civil Registry and Nationality Directorate has the right to request additional documents if it deems necessary.

2. Application for Exceptional Citizenship:

Exceptional citizenship application conditions have been designated by the implementing regulation numbered 5267 and the decision of the President numbered 5072.

Those who have been determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to have made a fixed capital investment in the amount of minimum 50.000 US Dollar or equivalent foreign currency.

Persons who are determined by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change to have purchased immovable property amounting to at least USD 250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency on the condition that an annotation not to be sold for three years is placed in the land registry records, or where condominium ownership or condominium easement has been established, where at least USD 250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency is deposited in advance and the sale of the immovable property is promised with a notarized contract, provided that the commitment that it will not be transferred and abandoned for three years is annotated in the land registry.

NOTE: The amount of 250.000 USD in this article shall be applied as 400.000 USD as of 13.07.2022.

It has been determined by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security that it has created employment for minimum 50 persons.

It has been determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency that it deposits to the banks operating in Turkey with the condition of keeping the deposit in the amount of minimum 500.000 US Dollar or equivalent foreign currency for three years.

Foreigners who are determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance to have purchased State debt instruments in the amount of at least 500.000 US Dollars or its equivalent in foreign currency for a period of three years.

It has been determined by the Capital Market Board that it has purchased real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share in the amount of minimum 500.000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency on the condition of retaining the same for at least three years.

Contribution in the amount of minimum 500.000 US Dollar or equivalent foreign currency is determined by the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency that it has invested in the private pension system with the condition of keeping the contribution in the funds determined by the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency and staying in the system for three years.

Citizenship application for property purchase in the amount of at least $250,000;

Provided that it is purchased after 19.09.2018, if the total amount of one or more (land, field, office, apartment, etc.) is 250.000 $ or more, citizenship applications can be made for the owner, his wife and children under the age of 18, if any.

What to Know: 

The appraiser to be appointed by the land registry office will determine the approximate value by comparing it with the property precedents.

The amount of the property must be deposited by the transaction holder to the accounts of the owner of the property by explanation. (Receipts should be kept.)

The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen, no foreigner must be among the previous owners of the apartment.

An annotation should be placed in the land registry office indicating that the purchased property will not be sold for 3 years.

After the sale process is completed, a certificate of conformity must be requested by writing to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization through the land registry office for the citizenship process.

The area where the purchased property is located should not be closed to the sale of property to foreigners for military or security reasons. (Information should be obtained from the land registry office.)

The citizenship application process will start after the certificate of conformity that you will provide by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


  • An application for compulsory residence permit is made before the exceptional application for Turkish citizenship; Miorec will provide support during the preparation of the document and preparation of the application file.
  • The residence permit application is made by Miorec by power of attorney and
  • Documents can be provided with the support of Miorec within the scope of citizenship application and application file is prepared.
  • Citizenship application and follow-up is made by Miorec.
  • Following the citizenship approval, an appointment is made with the relevant Civil Registry Office for the provision of Turkish identity card and the procedure of giving fingerprints of the applicant is supported.

The finalization of citizenship procedures is determined according to the density of the ministry and the average is 6-8 months.

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